A constant flow of new customers from Google due to effective work with Google Ads. Formation of the optimal cost-per-click, precise targeting and high sales rates.

0.07€ - 1.12€*

The cost of a potential client in Google Ads for our partners

Work with the most popular and effective tools in Google Ads.

Our team of specialists have an excellent knowledge of tools in the field of contextual advertising, using: search advertising, static and dynamic remarketing, Google stores.

Significant increase in field of sales in shortest terms

Correctly selected target audience is a key of success. We carefully compile a list of keywords and leave only those that bring the maximum result.


Rational budget allocation according to previously set tasks. Control of advertising campaigns through ROMI.

Wide reach of target audience

The widest possible reach of the audience, with narrowly targeted segmentation of the target audience, (marital status, age, gender, etc.), as well as geo-targeting by the place of search

13 by Black Star München - tattoo salon and barbershop from famous rap artist Timati

Launched Google Ads for the 13 by Black Star franchise in Munich.
We have formed a regular flow of clients to the site. Increased brand awareness in Munich.

~14 000

users from the Google Ads channel

~2 000

requests for a haircut or tattoo


We constantly performing various experiments inside our studio,
to offer you most efficiant option. Take a look at the best projects of
our studio in Google Ads.

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