We do not divide into specific elements - we create a product.


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When we are creating a product, we do pay attention to every detail, forming brand integrity in the eyes of your client.

We are driven by motivation to create something new. Desing is a some sort of an amphora full of emotions that fuels us day after day, and allows us to experiment, look for new ideas to implement and create a strong and successful company.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is not just your face, it is your story. A corporate font is a set of graphic elements and colors. All those things taken together – create a visual image of a strong, reliable company in the eyes of your customers. When creating a corporate identity, do not forget about the basic concepts:

  • Uniqueness
  • Recognizability
  • Reflection of company activities
  • Memorability

Thanks to the corporate identity, your company gets a perfect chance to recommend itself in moment, when customers first time entered your website.


When we are talking about retail branding, we most likely are talking about an addition to package design, because it is the point whole story of retail begins with. Retail branding is based on a specific product, brand, service. Thanks to that, we may stimulate sales in retail networks, which allow us to draw the attention of a potential client to a specific product, bright printed materials, and promotions.

Retail branding includes stand design, animations, design of various printed products, labels, promotional materials (tasting glasses, cutlery, bags, packaging boxes, etc.)


Package design is one of the main steps to create a successful brand. Today, package design has a big impact on the customer when choosing a product. Thanks to the high-quality package design your product becomes visible on the shelf in retail platforms, attracts attention and motivates customers to purchase the product in a highly competitive environment.

Developing package design for your product, do not forget about 3 basic design rules:

-History (each product must have a specific history of creation, main strengths, distinctive factors)
-Ergonomics (living in an era of constant modernization, you need to think not only about the design, but also about the functional part. Design should be not only aesthetically beautiful, but also useful)
-Environmental friendliness (do not forget about ecology, we always advise our customers to make the packaging environmentally friendly, which causes a huge factor of trust on the part of the client)


Outdoor advertising design is a key part of your company’s outside branding. Thanks to that you attract a casual customers to your product, service or brand. The basis and the most important benefit of outdoor advertising is – by choosing a good location, you are getting maximum coverage, casual customers who may not even know about your product or have a certain interest in it.

Outdoor advertising design includes the creation of billboards, city lights, brandmauers, prismatrons, banners, shop windows, shop signs, etc.


As strange as it may seem, but art design is our favourite part of the design, since we can fully engage ourselves in this area. Design of art projects includes not only the design of albums of musical groups (discs, vinyls, covers for spotify and opple music) or clothing, but also design of art spaces, galleries, art objects. We always try to understand the idea of our partners in order to not only recreate the design, but also to convey the atmosphere.


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